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Deutsch GroBes Ubungsbuch Wortschatz aktuell(Hueber)

Deutsch GroBes Ubungsbuch Wortschatz aktuell(Hueber)

Product Summery

Dear German learners,

The Big Practice Book of Vocabulary Today offers you:

 Around 500 exercises on the vocabulary of contemporary German, divided into exercises for basic vocabulary (up to B1 or the German Certificate) and exercises for advanced learners from B2 onwards,

 Topics and situations from everyday and professional life, as everyone knows them,

 A varied typology of exercises (from fill-in-the-blank texts to sentence formation exercises to word puzzles and other creative exercises),

 Many exercises for advanced learners on German idiomatic expressions (idioms, sayings, collocations) integrated into the individual topics,

 Authentic text types (factual texts, dialogues, emails, poems)

  Numerous learning tips and illustrations or photos to aid understanding,

 Information boxes on German culture organized by topics (from forms of greeting to information on the health system to the political system of Germany),

 Austrian and Swiss variants of German vocabulary,

 Some rules on word formation (compound words, transformations from verb to noun, transformations from adjective to noun),

 A detailed solution section for self-evaluation.

The Big Practice Book of Vocabulary Today is aimed at:

 Learners of levels A2-C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference who want to practice German vocabulary,

 Learners of levels A2-C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference who are preparing for exams at levels A2, B1, and B2,

 Native speakers who want to expand their vocabulary knowledge.

The Big Practice Book of Vocabulary Today is suitable for:

 Reviewing, practicing, and consolidating German vocabulary up to B2, with topics aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR),

 Expanding and deepening vocabulary from B2 onwards, 

Self-study and as supplementary material to all common textbooks.

The Big Practice Book of Vocabulary Today offers you specifically in the margin:

 A selection of words for the fill-in-the-blank texts,

 Word explanations for words from level B2 onwards.

Schwager = brother-in-law Mutter = mother der letzte Schrei = very fashionable

 Synonyms or the Austrian and Swiss variants, tips on article usage and rules of German spelling, photos, and illustrations as aids to understanding.

The exercises in the book are divided into 16 thematic areas:

These range from contacts, personal information, family and friends, to  body and health, and to work and profession or politics and society.

Each chapter offers numerous easier exercises at levels A2 and B1. All exercises containing vocabulary from level B2 onwards are marked with a star. That means a more demanding vocabulary or exercises on  German idiomatics are provided here. The Great Vocabulary Practice Book stands out - unlike other advanced vocabulary books - in that the expansion of vocabulary from level B2 onwards occurs thematically rather than by grammatical categories.

The path taken by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER), to offer vocabulary by themes, is not abandoned but consistently pursued: learners can thus sensibly learn new, more demanding words - exercises on idiomatics and indications of various linguistic style levels (formal, colloquial, vulgar) simultaneously increase language sensitivity.

Another advantage of the Great Vocabulary Practice Book is that in the chapter on Politics and Society - in exercise texts and info boxes - a variety of topics are covered that focus on the political order of Germany. Important information is conveyed here that learners need if they aspire to naturalization and want to prepare for the required naturalization test. Learning Tips 

Repeating exercises significantly increases learning success

 Always learn new words in context and with their corresponding article or plural form

 Looking up in monolingual or bilingual dictionaries is helpful Follow the learning tips in our book Have fun and success in learning and practicing Tip Nouns are capitalized


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