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The Big Book of English Expressions and Phrasal Verbs for ESL and English Lea

The Big Book of English Expressions and Phrasal Verbs for ESL and English Lea

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Focus on English© Big Book Series and Textbooks
Making the difficult parts of learning English easy
English Expressions and Phrasal Verbs, with Idioms, Slang, Colloquial, and Informal Usage
This book goes beyond just being a guide to the correct use of English expressions and phrasal verbs. The student can use this text to learn how to correctly use the most difficult and confusing English expressions  correctly in situational English communication, in a wide variety of English sentence contexts. In addition to complete and clear explanations, there are many examples of correct usage and self reviews throughout the  book, especially designed to help ESL instructors plan their class.
The student is encouraged to use this book in three ways:
As a quick reference resource. The book layout and design make it easy for the student to quickly search for words or phrases of interest.
As a learn-by-example text. Every step of the way there are many clear examples of usage, making it easy for the student to understand how English speakers use English Expressions in everyday communication.
As a grammar text. This book was designed to push the student to the next level in learning English expressions. The practice and review sections of the book challenge the student to generate communication  based on the lesson at hand, helping the student to reinforce his or her new knowledge.

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