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Whenever you read a good book,

somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

– Vera Nazarian

Books are a uniquely portable magic

– Stephen King

Grade 5 Teacher's Guide

Grade 5 Teacher's Guide

Product Summery

Welcome to ReadyGEN!
We are very excited to bring you the opportunity to enjoy the integration of the reading and writing experience: a hallmark of the Common Core State Standards. The rich selection of literature in ReadyGEN combines  with a strong foundation of knowledge learning in a wide range of subject areas to make this program a true standout for students and teachers alike.The program’s creators have taken great care with the choice of  texts, always paying close attention to the science and social studies standards that are crucial to students’ success. The synergy between reading and writing is powerful—it speaks to the real-world lifestyles of 21st- century children while preparing them for college and their future careers.
This first unit creates a warm and inviting space for students to do their most rigorous work in both literary and informational texts, and to develop the writing skills that will guide them along the staircase of complexity!  We are so glad to welcome you and your students as partners in this, the wonderful world of ReadyGEN.

What Excites Me About CCSS,Knowledge, and ReadyGEN
What excites me about the Common Core State Standards is that knowledge is at the core. Acquiring knowledge and the skills to do this independently are the keys to success in our digital-global age.What excites  me about the digital-global age is the increased knowledge about words. Words are the labels for concepts, and concepts are the foundation of knowledge. The digital revolution has resulted in an  increase in the amount of and access to knowledge; this has also increased our knowledge about words.
What excites me about ReadyGEN is that this is the first program to use the rich knowledge about words from the digital-global age to ensure that students attain the vast knowledge about the world that defines the  21st century. The rich, complex texts that are the instructional foundation of this program provide systems for understanding both how words work in complex texts and which of the words in these complex texts  unlock the knowledge of critical content domains.

ReadyGEN is an exciting,engaging experience for kids.
ReadyGEN provides an exciting,engaging experience for children.The program features challenging but interesting selections, and rigorous yet motivating activities. ReadyGEN has everything you need to get this  generation of readers and writers ready to meet the challenge presented by the Common Core.

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