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Daily Word Problems Math. Grade 4

Daily Word Problems Math. Grade 4

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A Variety of Presentations

1. Make overhead transparencies of the lessons. Present each lesson as an oral activity with the entire class. Write answers and make corrections using an erasable marker.As the class becomes more familiar  with Daily Word Problems, have students mark their answers first and then check them against correct responses marked on the transparency.

2. Reproduce the problems for individuals or partners to work on independently. Check answers as a group, using an overhead transparency to model the solutions’ strategies. (Use these pages as independent  practice only after much group experience with the lessons.)

3. Occasionally you may want to reproduce problems as a test to see how individuals are progressing in their acquisition of skills. 

Important Considerations
1. Allow students to use whatever tools they need to solve problems. Some students will choose to use manipulatives, while others will want to make drawings.
2. It is important that students share their solutions. Modeling a variety of problem-solving techniques makes students aware that there are different paths to the correct answer.Don’t scrimp on the amount of time  allowed for discussing how solutions were reached.
3. Teach students to follow problem-solving strategies:
• Read the problem carefully more than one time. Think about it as you read.
• Mark the important information in the problem.What question does the problem ask?What words will help you know how to solve the problem (in all, left,how many more, etc.)?What facts will help you answer the  question? (Cross out facts that are NOT needed.)
• Think about what you need to do to solve the problem (add, subtract, multiply, or divide).
• Solve the problem. Does your answer make sense?
• Check your answer.

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