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– Vera Nazarian

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– Stephen King

Fun with  Math & Physics

Fun with Math & Physics

Product Summery

In 1913, Russian bookshops saw the arrival of Physics for Entertainment, a book by the renowned educator Yakov Isidorovich Perelman. This book captured the imagination of young readers by answering many of their intriguing questions. It stood out not only for its engaging layout but also for being immensely instructive.

In the preface to the 11th Russian edition, Perelman stated that the main goal of Physics for Entertainment was to stimulate scientific imagination, teach readers to think in the spirit of physics, and create a wide array of associations between physical knowledge and everyday life experiences. The book became a best seller.

Yakov Perelman was born in 1882 in Byelostok (now in Poland). In 1909, he graduated from the St. Petersburg Forestry Institute with a diploma in forestry. Following the success of Physics for Entertainment, Perelman authored several other popular science books, including Arithmetic for Entertainment, Mechanics for Entertainment, Geometry for Entertainment, Astronomy for Entertainment, Lively Mathematics, Physics Everywhere, and Tricks and Amusements. These books became well-known among educated people in the Soviet Union.

Perelman also wrote books on interplanetary travel, such as Interplanetary Journeys, On a Rocket to Stars, and World Expanses. The esteemed scientist K. E. Tsiolkovsky praised Perelman's talent and creativity, noting in the preface to Interplanetary Journeys that Perelman’s works on physics, astronomy, and mathematics were both scientific and marvelously written, making them very readable.

In addition to his popular science books, Perelman authored several textbooks and articles for Soviet popular science magazines. He also dedicated much time to editing, serving as the editor for magazines like Nature and People and In the Workshop of Nature.

Perelman passed away on March 16, 1942, in Leningrad. His fascinating books have been enjoyed by many generations and will undoubtedly continue to interest readers in the future.

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