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Spelling  Poetry, Grade 2

Spelling Poetry, Grade 2

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Teaching Overview
Second graders are enthusiastic about reading, learn- ing new words, and learning how to spell those words. This is an excellent time to begin emphasizing good spelling skills. Therefore, in second grade, spelling is taught as an individual subject for the first time. At the same time, the spelling curriculum continues to be correlated with the phonics instruction, with the lessons reinforcing the phonics rules which the students are learning. Each lesson contains twenty-five words. One lesson is taught each week, and the students are tested on each week's lesson. In the second half of the year, three vocabulary words and definitions are given in each lesson in addition to the spelling words.
Class Procedures
Beginning in lesson 11, plan to spend ten minutes each day on spelling. The first day a new lesson is in- troduced, write the words on the chalkboard. (Have this list up for daily review each day until the weekly test.) Read through the words once for the students and point out the phonics rules in each word. Spend 5-6 minutes daily on oral review of the spelling words, concen- trating on one third of the words each day. Use the say, spell, say method. For example, have the students (individuals and rows) say stone, spell stone, and then say stone again. Spend the remaining spelling time on written review. The curriculum gives daily oral and written reviews, including contests. The students will also be writing the words each day in seatwork time and writing them for homework once each week. Con- tinue to emphasize the phonics rules and point out similarities in the words as you review.
In lesson 91 (spelling Lesson 17), students will begin learning three vocabulary words and definitions each week. They should learn to spell each word correctly and memorize its definition. They should also be able to use the vocabulary word in a sentence. On the spell- ing test, they will be asked to use one vocabulary word in a sentence. Throughout the week, have students make up several possible sentences for each vocabulary word. Emphasize the meaning of each word and help them use the word correctly in the sentence. Remind them that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. Follow this procedure for teaching vocabulary words each week.

Writing spelling words for homework is another im- portant method of reinforcing the words. On the first day that a new lesson is taught, the students should the words one time. Have the students take home a take their Spelling and Poetry 2 books home and write sheet of notebook paper folded lengthwise in their books for this homework. The parents should sign the spelling homework paper when it is completed, and the students should bring the homework to class the next day. You may wish to send a note to the parents the first time spelling homework is given to explain the pro- cedure. A sample note is given below:
Written Homework Second Grade
Beginning this week, the students will be taking spelling words home each Monday to copy as homework. Please sign this written homework paper when it is finished and have your child return the paper to me on Tuesday.
This written homework procedure will help in training your child to be responsible for his work and will give added practice with the spelling words, which are graded each week on the spelling test. I appreciate your interest in your child's academic progress. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to call me.

Plan to test the students each week over that week's spelling list. Dictate the spelling words for each test. The spelling tests are in the curriculum each fifth lesson, beginning in lesson 15. Have the students use manuscript writing for their tests since they are more familiar with it and will do better if they are not wor. ried about letter formation.
The poetry selections in Spelling and Poetry 2 are taught separately five minutes per day. At the beginning of the month, read the poem to the class several times, and then have the class join in. Always read the poem with feeling and expression. (Avoid sing-song rhythm.) Make Poetry time fun and enjoyable. Follow this sched- ule for teaching the poems: