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Complete French grammar review

Complete French grammar review

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As a child, I used to think grammar was dull. However, I soon realized that because of its crucial role in learning a language, mastering grammar was necessary if I wanted to become proficient. Grammar doesn't have to be boring! Through my many years of teaching French, I've learned that clear explanations, numerous examples, fun exercises, and a personal touch can make a world of difference.

Designed for intermediate and advanced levels of French, this book offers a wide range of exercises, including some that are oral. As a result, students can practice what they have learned by writing or speaking. They can record their answers and apply their newly acquired knowledge to conversations with a classmate. The directions for all exercises are in French, aiming to build confidence and further enhance proficiency. Answers to frequently asked questions are also included. Additionally, cultural notes provide information on France and other French-speaking countries.

On a lighter note, at the end of each chapter, there are crossword or word search puzzles that reinforce what has been studied. At the back of the book, more idiomatic expressions as well as some slang are introduced. These are taken from "everyday" French so that students can feel more comfortable in a French-speaking environment. Some common proverbs follow, along with their English equivalents. Proverbs not only give a cultural dimension to a language, but they are also fun to study.

Some synonyms and antonyms are provided to help enrich students' vocabulary. These are followed by a list of cognates, some of which are slightly different from their English counterparts but are still recognizable. Cognates facilitate a better understanding of a foreign language. A list of false cognates follows—it is crucial to be familiar with some of them to avoid common language traps!

Also included is a list of verbs and their conjugations. At the back of the book, you will find a list of frequently used vocabulary for reference, answers to all the exercises, and solutions for all the crossword and word search puzzles.

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