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Elementary grammar worksheets

Elementary grammar worksheets

Product Summery

These worksheets form the first level of a structural self-access system. They are intended for elementary students of English and deal with most of the basic grammatical points covered in elementary course books, giving a brief explanation or illustration of each point before providing a practice exercise, with the answers inverted at the bottom of the page. They present broad rules, leaving the exceptions and more complex explanations to grammar and course books. They are not intended as an alternative to a course book or a grammar, which are more comprehensive in their explanations and exercises, and of which there is now a wide choice on the market. The purpose is to offer students the opportunity to practise individual grammatical points on their own in a simple style, in order to consolidate an initial model of the language. They are designed to be photocopied and placed in self-access or resources centres, and to be written on by the students and corrected by themselves. For this reason, they are in A4 format, with simple line drawings for illustration and ample space for students to write in their answers. They could also be used by teachers to follow up lessons, rather than allowing students to write in the textbook, where the space provided for writing is often inadequate. In this case, the teachers may wish to cover up the answer section while photocopying, and go over the answers in class.
There is a simple glossary sheet (overleaf) giving illustrations of the terms used which students should use in association with the worksheets, and on sheet 68 there is a list of irregular verbs with a space for students to write in their translation of the verbs.
The accompanying cassette provides simple drills, revising much of the vocabulary used in the exercises, in order to give students the opportunity to listen to and pronounce new words or structures in association with the writing exercises. Not all the Worksheets have related cassette exercises but teachers are advised to make extra copies of Worksheets with cassette symbols to place in their listening centre.
Note that the Worksheets are arranged in alphabetical order for ease of reference and for filing in the resource centre.
Note the Worksheet numbers are preceded by [E] to indicate Elementary level. Similarly in the Intermediate and Advanced Books the numbers are preceded by and A respectively. This classification will be of use if it is decided, for example, to group all Worksheets dealing with tenses of the verb together in a self-access centre.