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Lets Learn German Picture Dictionary Book

Lets Learn German Picture Dictionary Book

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Welcome to the Let's Learn German Picture Dictionary!
Here's an exciting way for you to learn more than 1,500 German words that will help you speak about many of your favorite subjects. With these words, you will be able to talk in German about your house, sports, outer space, the ocean, and many more subjects.
This dictionary is fun to use. On each page, you will see drawings with the German and English words that describe them underneath. These drawings are usually part of a large, colorful scene. See if you can find all the words in the big scene and then try to remember how to say each one in German. You will enjoy looking at the pictures more and more as you learn more German.
You will notice that almost all the German words in this book have der, die, or das before them. These words simply mean "the" and are
usually used when you talk about things in German.
At the back of the book, you will find a German-English Glossary and Index and an English-German Glossary and Index, where you can look up words in alphabetical order, and find out exactly where the words are located in the dictionary. There is also a section that explains how you say German sounds as well as pronunciation guides that will help you say each German word correctly.
This is a book you can look at over and over again, and each time you look, you will find something new. You'll learn the German words for people, places, and things you know, and you may even learn some new words in English as you go along!

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