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Duden Grammatiktabellen Deutsch German Edition

Duden Grammatiktabellen Deutsch German Edition

Product Summery

The present book deals with the inflected parts of speech in German. In five chapters, the forms of verbs, nouns, adjectives, articles, and pronouns are shown. Each chapter begins with a brief grammatical overview of the respective part of speech in table form. The left column contains the grammatical rules, while the right column provides examples.

Following these introductions, there are declension tables that give an overview of the essential word forms. These tables help deduce the correct form of a verb, noun, adjective, article, or pronoun.

The grammar tables for verbs are particularly extensive. They show all the active tenses of a verb. Although regular verbs all follow the same pattern, several examples are provided here to highlight special features. Alongside regular verbs, it is indicated whether they are separable, inseparable, reflexive, or impersonal. For irregular verbs, the ablaut pattern is indicated above the table, such as for the verb "heben" with the ablaut e – o – o for: heben (present infinitive), hob (3rd person singular past), gehoben (past participle).

If there are important notes on variations in the formation of the tenses of a verb, these are quickly recognizable under the heading "Attention!" at the bottom right next to the respective table. Below the table, the non-finite forms, the imperative, and examples of the use of a verb are listed.

In all tables, the endings of a word and other variable parts are shown in bold. This makes it immediately clear which parts of a word vary during formation and which are unchangeable.

The words discussed in the book and the declension types of nouns and adjectives are also listed again in the alphabetical index at the end of the book

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