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German In 30 Days Course Book

German In 30 Days Course Book

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How to Use this Book
German in 30 Days is a self-study course which will provide you with a basic knowledge of everyday German in a very short time. The course is divided into 30 short, manageable daily lessons. This book will familiarize you with the main grammatical structures of German and provide you with a good command of essential vocabulary. In 30 days you will acquire both an active and a passive understanding of the language, enabling you to function effectively in day-to-day life.
Each chapter is an episode in a journey that takes place over 30 days, from your arrival to your final departure, with the main focus on typical, day-to-day situations. Each day has the same pattern: first, there is a short intro into what you will learn as well as some country and culture information about Germany. You will then have a text in German - generally a dialogue - followed by a grammar section and a number of exercises to help reinforce what you have learned. At the end of each lesson you will find a list of vocabulary. The quick grammar and vocabulary tests, together with the answer key at the back of the book, will enable you to check your progress.
The audio CD contains all the dialogues from the book. These are marked by a CD symbol. Days 1 to 10 are spoken twice: the first time, quickly and fluently so that you get used to hearing everyday German and, the second time, slowly and more clearly. From day 11 onwards you'll be advanced enough to follow the German text, which will now be spoken only once, in the faster speech of everyday language.


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