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Easy Ways To Enlarge Your German Vocabulary Book

Easy Ways To Enlarge Your German Vocabulary Book

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This text attempts to work on a systematic build-up of German vocabulary through the understanding of German prefixes, suffixes and other wordbuilding devices. It is somewhat surprising to see how greatly this subject has been neglected in German language books while grammatical and phonological features have always received full attention. At the most, vocabulary discussion is introduced piecemeal in widely scattered paragraphs. The present work is the first attempt in many years to tackle the crucial vocabulary question vigorously and systematically. The book is designed for use at the intermediate level. The first section, dealing with the study of the etymological relationship between English and German, can be used as early as the second college semester. It is understood that the material in this volume will serve, along with a regular language text, as an additional aid for word study. Extensive practice exercises should improve the student’s insight into the nature of word formation and help to gain command of a sizeable German vocabulary. Almost each principle of derivation is followed by one or more exercises which the student will work out for himself. A Key to all suggested exercises allows him to verify the exact form and meaning of the derivative in question. Special attention has been given to the use and analysis of verbal prefixes and the manner in which these can modify the meaning of root words. However, there was no intention of exhausting the subject of word formation.

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