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Whenever you read a good book,

somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

– Vera Nazarian

Books are a uniquely portable magic

– Stephen King

Learn German With Parallel Text 12 Short And Easy Stories For Beginners

Learn German With Parallel Text 12 Short And Easy Stories For Beginners

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Joseph is a boy who lives on a small island called Providencia. Since his childhood, he has loved going to the sea with his school friends. Andrew and Rachel are Joseph’s parents. They don’t like Joseph going to the sea alone because they fear something might happen to him. Joseph is a bit mischievous. He always sneaks out of the house to go fishing with his friends.

One day, Joseph gets up early in the morning. His mother Rachel asks him, "Why are you awake at this time, my son?" But Joseph just looks at her nervously and says nothing. Rachel thinks this behavior is normal and doesn’t say anything to him. She prepares breakfast for Joseph; he is very hungry and eats it in one gulp.

Meanwhile, Andrew, Joseph’s father, is still sleeping. At 8:30 AM, Rachel goes to the room and wakes Andrew to have breakfast. Andrew is very sleepy and, with half-closed eyes, tells Rachel to let him sleep a little longer. When Joseph’s parents enter the kitchen, they realize that he is not there.

Joseph leaves the house with his favorite bag, gets on his bike, and meets up with his friends. His friends invite him to play in the park, but Joseph has another plan. He wants to go to the sea to fish. He wants to go to his favorite spot. So he tells his friends that he can’t play today. They insist, but Joseph tells them he has another plan.

Andrew and Rachel desperately search for Joseph. They look for him in his room. They look for him in the garden. They look for him at the neighbor’s house, but they can’t find him. When they get home, they notice that their son’s bike is not in the garage. Andrew rushes to find Rachel and says, “Rachel, Joseph is not here! He is not here!” Rachel now understands why their son didn’t say anything during breakfast this morning. She now understands why Andrew doesn’t allow Joseph to go alone.

Worried about their son, Rachel asks Andrew, "What are we going to do?"

“We need to find Joseph,” Andrew answers.

“But where? We don’t know where he is.”

“We’ll ask his friends.”

“And if they don’t know where he is?”

“Then we’ll follow his bike tracks.”

“Tracks? On the street?”

“Look! If you want to find Joseph, stop being so negative.”

“What do you suggest?”

“Alright. Let’s go look for him.”

After a brief discussion, Rachel and Andrew start looking for Joseph. While Andrew drives, Rachel frantically searches everywhere for him. They search the surrounding area, the neighborhood, and the school, but they don’t find him. Suddenly, Rachel says, “I know! Let’s check the park. We haven’t gone to the park yet.”

Andrew responds, “The park? Joseph doesn’t like going to the park.”

“It doesn’t matter, Andrew. Maybe he’s there playing with his friends.”

“Alright. Let’s go.”

Joseph’s parents arrive at the park. They get out of the car and see a group of children. While some are playing, others are running everywhere. They climb trees, hang on the railing, go in and out of tunnels. There is a lot of energy and adrenaline among the children in the park. But Joseph is nowhere to be found.

Worried about their son, Andrew and Rachel return to the car. Suddenly, one of the children calls out to them.

“Hello, hello!”

Andrew turns around and asks the boy, “Who are you?”

And he answers, “I’m Mike, Joseph’s friend.”

“Hello, Mike!” Andrew says to the boy. “Look, we’re a little worried because we don’t know where Joseph is. His bike is not in the garage, and we can’t find it anywhere. Have any of you seen him?”

“Yes, yes, I saw him!” Mike answers. “I told him to come play with us in the park. But he said he had another plan. A much better plan than playing in the park. So he rode his bike in that direction.”

“Which direction?” Andrew asks.

“That way!” Mike answers, pointing to the road leading to the southwest bay.

“Thanks for the information, Mike!” Andrew replies.

Andrew and Rachel get in the car. They fasten their seat belts and hurry off to find their son Joseph. They follow the path Mike showed them. They wait for the traffic light to change from red to green to continue their journey.

Meanwhile, Joseph is at his favorite spot. At the beach, by the sea, with his bike parked near the pier. Joseph takes a small fishing rod out of his bag. He sets the bait and casts it into the sea, hoping to catch a big fish. Joseph loves the sea. He enjoys being alone on the beach, feeling the breeze, and listening to the waves and the seagulls' song.

Since childhood, Joseph has felt drawn to the sea and everything in it. He loves fishing. He loves swimming in the sea. He likes feeling the waves rocking. Despite his young age, Joseph has an incredible connection to the sea. That’s why, whenever he runs away from home, he goes to the sea.

Andrew and Rachel finally arrive at the southwest bay. They reach the parking lot. They get out of the car and walk towards the beach. On the way, Rachel asks an ice cream vendor, “Good morning, sir.”

“Good morning,” the ice cream vendor replies.

“Have you seen a boy about 9 years old? On a blue bike, with a black bag?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I haven’t seen anyone like that here.”

“Excuse me, ma’am,” Rachel says. “Have you seen a boy about 9 years old? On a blue bike, with a black bag?”

The lady walking her dog says to Rachel, “I think I saw a boy on a blue bike.”

“Thank you,” Joseph’s parents reply.

“By the side of the pier. He’s sitting next to a black bag and a blue bike.”

“That’s Joseph!” Andrew says. “That’s our son!”

Andrew and Rachel walk for more than 10 minutes in the direction the lady indicated. They reach the pier and see a child at the edge of the pier.

“Is that Joseph?” Rachel asks Andrew.

“I’m not sure. We’ll see. He looks a lot like our son.”

“And if he isn’t our son?” Rachel responds.

“Always so negative!” Andrew says in a slightly firm tone.

The two approach the child. They try not to make too much noise to avoid scaring him. Meanwhile, Joseph is having a great time with his fishing rod. He listens to the waves and waits for a big fish to bite the bait.

Suddenly, Andrew and Rachel approach and ask him, “Joseph, my son, is that you?”

Joseph jumps up. His fishing rod falls into the sea. His face turns red, and he begins to tremble with fright. He understands what his parents are doing there.

“Are you alright?” Andrew asks him.

“Yes, Dad,” Joseph answers.

“What are you doing here? Why do you run away from home without asking for permission?” Rachel asks in a kind tone.

Joseph calms down and answers, “Mom, Dad, I can’t stay away from the sea for even a day. I need it close. I need to hear the waves and the seagulls sing. I need to see the blue of the sky merging with the sea. That’s why I run away from home every day. I don’t like going to the park with my friends to play. I prefer coming here. To my favorite spot. To the pier, where I feel free, free like the vast sea.”

Rachel and Andrew are surprised by everything Joseph says. They hug him, and the three hold hands. They go to the car and return home. From that day on, Rachel, Andrew, and Joseph go out every morning to fish at the dock. At Joseph’s favorite spot.

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