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German Pen Pals Made Easy Book

German Pen Pals Made Easy Book

Product Summery

In this era of technology, we :tvfFL teachers are spoilt with an excellent array of resource material.Interactive CO-Roms, DVDs, Internet sites ... you name it, we use them all. The main aim of all this is that, one  day, our pupils will be able to communicate with other :tvfFL speakers through our chosen language. In my own classes, this 'one day' is now. This, we do, through pen-pal correspondence.
My experience has shown me that, despite regularly introducing a variety of resources into my classes, rarely a class begins without a pupil asking 'Have our letters arrived yet?' 'Noch nicht' is met with  disappointment whereas 'Ja' is met with great excitement and delight My pupils are unwaveringly eager to reply. This may seem like a daunting task to the less-confident or the time strapped teacher but ...

For the teacher, German Pen Pals Made Easy:


Does not require fluency

Is time-saving -little or no preparation is required

 Links with the KS3 Programme of Study

 Has inherent cross-curricular links to geography, art and ICf

 Supplements, consolidates and revises course work

For the pupil, German Pen Pals Made Easy:

 Is easy to follow. The method used is gap-filling as opposed to giving pupils the daunting task of beginning with a blank page

 Is realistic. The pupil realizes that German can be used for real-life communication and not just in an artificial situation

 Instils confidence. They can communicate effectively at a basic level

 Helps foster positive attitudes towards foreign language learning

 Facilitates intercultural understanding. The pupil can learn about German culture through a German peer  ... and of course, it is fun and a wonderful way to make a new friend. (I should know as I have had the same  two pen pals for over 25 years!)

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