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Pocket German Business Dictionary Book

Pocket German Business Dictionary Book

Product Summery

This pocket dictionary is for any business person, student or traveller who needs to deal with a foreign business language. It contains over 5,000 essential business terms with clear and accurate translations.

How to use this dictionary
This dictionary is aranged in two main sections. The first lists English terms with a German translation, the second half lists German terms with an equivalent English translation.
Throughout the dictionary we have used a number of abbreviations:
adj Adjektiv                                                            adjective
adv Adverb                                                            adverb
f Femininum                                                          feminine
fpl feminin Plural                                                   feminine plural
jdm jemandem
m Maskulinum                                                      masculine
mf Maskulinum und Femininum                           masculine and feminine
mn Maskulinum oder Neutrum                             masculine or neuter
mpl maskulin Plural                                              masculine plural
n Neutrum; Substantiv, Hauptwort                       neuter; noun
npl Neutrum Plural                                               neuter plural
pl Plural                                                                plural
v Verb                                                                   verb

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