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Deutsch mit Felix und Franzi Lesson Plans For German

Deutsch mit Felix und Franzi Lesson Plans For German

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These exciting new materials and ideas for Primary school teachers have been created for non-specialists as well as for those with a greater command of the German language.The content has been developed by  German native speakers and British Primary experts in methodology with the intention of enabling teachers to make a flying start with teaching German at Key Stage 2. The active and enjoyable exercises can easily  be adapted for Key Stage 1 and even Foundation Stage.
Children will be introduced to the language of each chapter by two engaging hand puppets, a frog called Felix Frosch and a duck called Franzi Ente. They live in a special German letterbox.This dwelling can be  created easily by ordering a letterbox sticker from the Goethe-Institut and sticking it to any box or suitcase that is declared the habitat of the hand puppets. The theme for each lesson is introduced through a story  involving the two characters who appear from the dwelling as the children sing the welcome song.
The sequence of the chapters is designed to ensure progression. Each chapter has a range of suitable activities which can be adapted by teachers according to their circumstances. The lessons set out in this course  are intended to last 30 minutes and additional ideas and teaching activities are provided at the end of each chapter. Furthermore, children are invited to reflect upon the progress they have made as laid out in the  ‘Let’s show others!’ section.
A central element of the course is to enable the children to develop cultural awareness of aspects of life in German speaking countries as well as creating a love for language learning.The asterisks in the material  indicate that additional materials for the things mentioned are available in the appendix.
The booklet at hand gives teachers suggestions to deliver the second year of this course. As progression is especially important, a few topics from Year 1 will be repeated but extended. Pupils are required to have  some previous knowledge to work with the included lesson plans.

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