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English Grammer Book 2.0 Version

English Grammer Book 2.0 Version

Product Summery

This guide is a comprehensive and systematic description of the morphological structure of modern English and key syntactic topics that often present significant challenges in study. It is intended for students in schools with an advanced study of English, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, as well as for university students and individuals studying English in courses or independently.

The purpose of the guide is to familiarize English language learners with the system of grammatical rules, to help improve skills in correct spoken and written language. A traditional approach was used in compiling the guide, while also considering the latest advancements in grammatical thought. In describing grammatical phenomena, their forms, and functions, the author aimed to present the most modern language norm used in the latest English educational literature.

Each new topic is preceded by a brief characterization of the described grammatical phenomenon. The material covered is reinforced by exercises. The main types of exercises include analysis of grammatical forms, determination of their functions and meanings, translation from English to Russian and from Russian to English. The nature of the exercises is determined both by the general goals of the guide and the specifics of each particular form. Exercises like

"Translate into English," aimed at controlling the assimilation of grammatical material, involve the use of vocabulary accessible to the learners for whom the guide is intended. All exercises are aimed at practical and active mastery of English grammar. Answer keys to most of them are published in a separate book.

The guide consists of the main part and appendices, which include a brief summary of verb tenses, information about contracted forms of verbs in colloquial speech, a table of irregular verbs, a list of expressions with prepositions, a list of conjunctions and phrases, a list of phrasal verbs and exercises on their use, information on word formation, a list of idioms, material on the differences in English grammar between the UK and the USA, and other materials.

The book also contains an alphabetical dictionary of grammatical terms and the main words of the guide.

English Grammar